Black Plastic Caskets

by Black Plastic Caskets

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2013 self-titled EP


released August 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Black Plastic Caskets Martins Ferry, Ohio

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Track Name: Grand Official
You can drink and smoke
after me and him and them
In this house we all have the same germs
Ain't it grand
It's official, nothing matters now
Swappin' spit, shotgunnin' hits, takin' shits
It's official, nothing matters now
Ain't it Grand?
Fuck yeah

You can eat, and drink, and fuck anything you want
In this house, it's all free
Ain't it grand?
It's official, not much matters now
Swappin' spit, shotgunnin' hits, takin' shits
It's official, not much matters now
Ain't it Grand?
Track Name: Philistine Sun
I'm gonna sweat out
this alcohol tomorrow
I'll fart it out in the fields
Splattered with dead vegetation
Toiling for nearly no yield

Beaten and burned by a philistine sun
Blistered and vexed by machines I run

Party with pills in the evening
paying no mind to the morn
Getting shit done before the sun gets warm
I deserve a drink
I'd like my reward

Beaten and burned by a Philistine sun
Blistered and vexed by machines I run

Beaten and burned
Blistered and vexed
I deserve a drink
I want my reward
Track Name: Also An Asshole
Bustin' balls ain't wrong if it's true
to say exactly what I think of you
There's no bush to beat around
and I can't be bothered to
Arrogance don't enter in
it's called as it's seen
and I'm a piece of shit
I'm a reflection of you
And I'm an asshole to

I run my mouth
and my mind
to spew spite
your reaction is my reward

My fat half sister hates my guts
and my daddy, he disowned me
don't love me no more
Acting like an asshole
It's no wonder no one needs me
or wants me no more

My own brother wants my blood
My old lady she don't touch me,
don't want me no more
Acting like an asshole
It's no wonder no one needs me
or wants me no more
Track Name: Probably Never
Underage tail and underage praise
so shamefully desperate to validate
and even vindicate your assailed name
The blind leading the swine
and that's just fine
I understand it's a race against time
You're not getting any younger, or smarter, or better
possibly now, but probably never

It chews you up but you can't let go
the whole thing's riding on this next show
So when that backstage Betty finally wants to get sweaty
you gotta last long and you gotta be ready
Playing sober to a cold, empty floor
Asking too much, five bucks at the door
Sweating your cut, how much an you get?
Shut the fuck up and open our set

Who am I to judge how many homemade CDs you've gotten rid of?
Who am I to complain when I get to watch you fail again and again?

Who am I to make fun of your scene?
And completely demean your naïve dream
False destiny beckons, you chomp at the bit
You reek of Velveeta and Bud Light and bullshit
Track Name: The Percentage
All the Hercolubus hubris
Doesn't change the fact
That change is a fact and only a handful will be spared
Glare blind and crying
Pointing skyward, denying your eyes
Denying your mindless despair

Be not afraid to despise this world
And the vomitous ruin it's become
Let everything go and count yourself and everything you know
Among the percentage

When the chaos comes on,
Dive in head first, be the first one consumed
The first to accept that the end is a blessing
And be sacrificed
To set everything right 'cause everything's wrong
Be disgusted
We've built it this way, to betray

Grieve not for what we leave
The flesh we lose
Let the world be our grave
Embrace now the tomb
Let everything go
Include your self and everyone you love
Among the percentage

A small amount of panic and it's through
Make it easy on you and your own
Abandon your future, your fear, and your debt
Abandon your home
Sorrow's next to nonsense
Non-existence is a gift bestowed
Resist not the change
An even exchange
A planet gone rogue
Track Name: Excrutiato (House of the Writhing Scum)
I dig myself to ribbons on these things
I kinda' dig these things
All things in moderation, I always say
except with medication, I always say

Little, bitter
Chalk white
Alright by me
Just a little bitter
they do right by me

Peace of body and mind
for a limited time
I'm so lucky and my thinking is fuzzy
My old lady watched me writhe
Further in debt in an attempt to get my spine right

When the itch becomes too much
I'll scratch and ramble and such

Picking, digging, gouging until I'm red

Oh, no why?
That slight relief gone dry
One last dose and I'm on my own
Muscle, nerve and brittle bone
I just can't pay these fees
And I just can't be seen
I just can't be seen
I just can't be seen